Little Red Book of FlyFishing

CoverWeekly tips from The Little Red Book of Fly Fishing are posted with permission from author Kirk Deeter.

If these fly fishing tips interest you look for a copy of the book at your local fly shop.

The first six tips are posted on our Home Page.  Here are some more helpful tips.  Enjoy!

Hitting the Wall  Throw a Drink in My Face – Take a Bow

Watch That Thumb – Say Hello to Good Casting – William Tell Overture

Tighten the Loop – Anticipation … It’s Crazy –Groove Your Swing

See the “U” – Flick the Tomato –Tossing the Grape

Tuck It In – Too Much, Too Soon – The Water-Load

Let the Current Do the Dirty Work – Roll ’Em Easy – Saving a Stroke

The Woody Hayes Rule of Casting –Forty Feet in Four Seconds

Come Closer Darling –When Not to Cast (or Even Twitch)

Control Trumps Distance – Pinkie Perfection