Take A Bow

CoverThe essence of power casting lies in the precision and speed with which the angler rotates the rod at the apex of the delivery. Call it turnover, tipping the rod over, whatever term you choose. Perform this motion quickly, precisely, and the rod unloads with full power, flinging the line forward with optimum speed. But what do you do when you lose that timing, when your back cast starts to collapse and things seem to fall apart from fatigue or inattention? To rest your arm and recover the feel, lower your elbow and bring your arm closer to your body. Instead of trying for power with a tired arm, bend briskly forward at the waist at the point of delivery. Do this, and you’ll soon find that your timing and speed will start to return. Bending, or bowing, with the cast is also an excellent way to add power for distance casting with the arm at full extension. —C.M.