Chapter Philosophy

CVT-logo1.gifThe Clinton Valley Chapter of Trout Unlimited bases its philosophy on these words: enjoyment, environment, and education.  We firmly believe that trout fishermen of all styles should have the opportunity to fish first quality water.  We feel that the enjoyment of the pursuit of trout come not from just catching them, but also from fellowship and the appreciation of the environs.

We at CVTU also believe that this enjoyment leads to a deep respect of the places where trout are found.  This respect translates into the willingness of our members to become involved in national, state, and local conservation issues.  We support and implement the goals of our national organization both personally and financially.  Our members are also active in the Michigan Council of Trout Unlimited so that we can stay abreast of state resource decisions.  Locally, we are engaged in the Paint Creek Project that will provide trout fishing close to the Detroit metropolitan area.

At Clinton Valley Trout Unlimited we are aware of the importance of education.  Our meetings stress the skills that are needed to become a more accomplished fisherman.  We help to make anglers aware of flies, rods, and techniques that will increase their ability to catch and hopefully release more trout.  We help broaden our members’ knowledge of places to fish, tackle to use and methods to try.