Welcome to the Clinton Valley Chapter!

102_0121_JPGWhile it is rare for a watershed located in such a highly developed urban area to have any cold water recreational resources, we are fortunate to have both Paint Creek and sections of the Clinton River which are home to fantastic trout fisheries.

Our chapter’s mission is to restore and protect cold water fisheries and their watersheds, ensuring our river environments remain healthy for wild and native fish, and for future fishing generations to enjoy.  Our philosophy is based on these three words:  enjoyment, environment and education.  Through the various activities hosted by our chapter we believe that we offer our members outstanding opportunities to promote a sense of stewardship and become actively engaged in the improvement of our cold water resources.


The holidays are almost upon us and it’s almost time for the annual TU Holiday Social.  Join the fun and help support a great cause!

imagesCAGWFHI2The 4th Annual TU Holiday Social is scheduled for Tuesday, December 12th from 6:30PM to 9:30PM at the River Crest Banquet Facility (900 W. Avon Rd., Rochester Hills).  This is a great event for the Southeast Michigan TU members to come together, celebrate the holidays, share our successes in 2017 and look forward to the conservation efforts we have set for 2018.

Purchase your ticket now for $25 (includes dinner, open bar & a chance a fantastic door prize).  Don’t forget to take part in the various raffles during the event to help support TU’s Michigan conservation projects.


The Confluence

While monthly membership meetings are not a thing of the past, the title “Membership Meeting” will no longer be used by Clinton Valley.  Going forward our monthly gatherings will be titled The Confluence.  What does The Confluence mean?  Simple.  These gatherings are where fishing and conservation come together.  Just like the confluence of two smaller rivers that form one larger river, fishing and conservation come together to form our chapter.

Each Confluence gathering is open to the public as we bring in some fantastic guest speakers and discuss our chapter’s plans for future education or conservation projects.  We encourage our members to join us, to bring their families and introduce your friends to our chapter.  If you’re not a member stop by a Confluence gathering and see what our chapter is all about.  We look forward to seeing you all soon!

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CVTU Conservation Committee

Photo-2013-02-04-08.07.20-PM.jpgThe Clinton Valley Chapter has a history of doing outstanding work on our local cold water fishery, Paint Creek, and continues to build upon the impact we have on our local waters each and every year.  Our dedicated group of Clinton Valley volunteers has completed several angler access projects, streambank plantings, woody debris management projects and river clean-ups in recent years.

The CVTU Conservation Committee works hard to keep a busy schedule each and every year to help continue improving our local cold water recreational opportunities.  Volunteers are always welcome and encouraged to help CVTU make a significant impact on the resources we cherish.

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CVTU Events

While working towards engaging our chapter members, the CVTU Events Committee schedules several different events each and every year.  These events include our monthly chapter membership meetings, various fishing outings and a multi chapter Holiday Social.

In 2017 the CVTU Events Committee will be expanding our schedule of events in hopes of offering a more diverse array of activities for our members to take part in.  Our members are encouraged to participate in both the planning and the fun involved in all of our activities.

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Annual Conservation Banquet

Each year the Clinton Valley Chapter hosts a fantastic event for our members to provide both a fun night out for our members and an opportunity to raise the funds needed to complete the various projects we have scheduled for the year.

This event is loaded with tons of raffles and games to ensure that everyone in attendance has a great time with the opportunity to go home with a great prize or two.  From fishing equipment, guide trips, artwork, various gift card packages and other general interest items; there is something for everyone at our annual banquet

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